24/7 Monitoring & Security

Problems can arise quickly. Something can go wrong at any time. If you end up in an unpleasant situation, you will just see that the busiest moments of your website or app fall outside office hours or that a problem occurs in the evening. Then you would like to be able to speak directly to someone. We are ready for you outside office hours and we will help you further.

We proactively measure the performance and security of web applications. With the increasing complexity of web technologies this is of great importance. We monitor the actual availability of your application, any dropped attacks and the performance.

On a monthly basis, security scans are performed that check various essential components for leaks. We also have the options for performing uptime control where web applications are automatically checked for availability.

The timely determination of problems regarding availability can prevent many issues. To ensure that the web application is really down, it is verified from various locations around the world whether there really is down-time. In addition, the cause is determined so that action can be taken quickly.

Speed is an important part of the user experience of web applications. However, speed is not a matter of course. By means of extensive reports, trends and impact are made transparent by us.

Periodically verifying web applications is essential to ensure that all functionalities work as intended. There is quite a lot of looking at maintaining your application where you usually do not think about it. We help you on your way.

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