Shortly during the bend we actually make a prototype during every project. All designs that we propose are in fact completely clickable. In this way you experience the result of your new software, app or site / shop, as it were.

A prototype is a simulation of a digital product. You make a prototype to ensure that you can already experience the new product at an early stage. This can be for the customer, but it can also be used to check the need in the market. Is there any enthusiasm for your idea at all? With a prototype you can test what you think of it on the road and on the spot.

A prototype can take various forms. The prototype can thus be a sketch, clickable design or live prototype.

By making a prototype, everyone who is part of the project team also has the same idea in mind. It is not necessary to make a representation of the product yourself. The product is already made tangible by the prototype. The more concrete a prototype is, the more accessible the product becomes.

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