ux design

User Experience (UX) Design is about an optimal user experience for the end user. When you do a project with us for the first time, you will soon encounter our UX designers. They are already involved in setting up possible user surveys, sitemaps, wireframes, personas and customer journeys in the initial phase of the process.

Our UX designers are also involved in any further development. In this phase, they take part in conversion optimization by, among other things, performing A / B tests, analyzing statistics and, on this basis, responding even better to the needs of the end user.

It is often the case that a client or product owner has determined what functions he or she wants in the applications before the start of a project, but after delivery it is found that half is not used or that it has to work differently.

Our UX designers try to avoid these problems and prefer to work according to the Lean UX development method. A method that allows you to realize a site, intranet or app faster. This is done by focusing on the end user and spending less time on (functional) documentation and meetings. During the development process you work in a multidisciplinary team (including the client) to gain joint insight so that you as a team can develop the product on the basis of feedback from the market.

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